Our Team

Core Lab

Grant Miller, PhD, MPP

Henry J. Kaiser, Jr. Professor,  
School Of Medicine

Sr. Fellow, Freeman Spogli Inst. for International Studies (FSI)

Sr. Fellow, Stanford Inst. for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)

Kim Babiarz, PhD

Sr. Research Scholar, 
Dept. of Health Policy

Luis Assis, PhD

Chief Research and Data Officer, Brazilian Federal Labor Prosecution Office

Director, SmartLab Initiative

Research Fellow, Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Jessie Brunner, MA

Director of Human Trafficking Research, Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Mike Baiocchi, PhD

Associate Professor, 
Dept. of Epidemiology
and Population Health

Vicki Ward, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, 
Dept. of Pediatrics

Lizzy Kassen, MPH

Program Manager

Jonas Pavia Botelho Junnior

Research Data Analyst, Dept. of Epidemiology and Population Health

Postdoctoral Scholars

Headshot of Ben Seiler

Benjamin Seiler, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, 
Dept. of Epidemiology and Population Health

Graduate and Undergraduate
Student Researchers

Thay Graciano, MIP

PhD Student, Communications

Jess Kunke

PhD Candidate, Statistics

University of Washington

Matt Wolff

Undergraduate Student
Computer Science and History

Sofia Penglase

Undergraduate Student
Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Public Policy; Human Rights

Roxane Somda

MS Student, Management Science and Engineering

Shakil Ayan

Pre-doctoral Research Fellow, Stanford King Center for Global Development

Ying Jin

PhD Student, Statistics

Associates and Collaborators

Jared Edgerton, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Economic, Political & Policy Studies

University of Texas, Dallas

Pablo Querubin

Professor of Politics and Economics

New York University

Andrew Baker

Assistant Professor of Law

University of California, Berkeley

Clara Rodrigues, BA

Predoctoral Fellow at Tobin Center for Economic Policy

Yale University

Rafael Chduran, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Empirical Studies of Conflict Project

Princeton University

 Senior Analyst, Economics of Conflicts

International Crisis Group

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Grant Miller, PhD, MPP

Grant Miller, PhD, MPP, is Henry J. Kaiser, Jr. Professor of Medicine, Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research at Stanford University.  He is a global health policy scholar focused on the causes, and behavioral underpinnings, of population health improvement in low-income countries.  He conducts research in close collaboration with policymakers, particularly in Latin America, South Asia, and East Asia, with emphasis on direct policy impact.  His work has been published widely in leading journals in a variety of disciplines, including economics, demography, medicine, and public health.

Kim Babiarz, PhD

Dr. Kimberly Babiarz specializes in large scale quantitative studies to evaluate the impact of public programs and interventions on health and well-being. As Research Director at the Stanford Human Trafficking Data Lab, she works on a large portfolio of projects, including the development and evaluation of new technologies to support anti-trafficking interventions and survivor support, quantitative research on trafficking markets and the protective role of public policy, and several direct collaborations with frontline anti-trafficking agencies. As an applied development economist, she has expertise in both quasi-experimental study designs and randomized controlled trials. Her work has also included studies on fertility and family planning programs, infant and maternal health, and the gender dynamics of global health. She holds a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Davis (2011).

Luis Assis, PhD

Dr. Luis de Assis is a Research Fellow at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford. He is a Brazilian federal prosecutor, data scientist, and strategist, and has collaborated as an expert on projects with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations University, and the World Bank. Luis oversees the SmartLab Initiative, a unique project that utilizes open-source administrative data to provide stakeholders with actionable insights to improve policy making at the national, regional, and local levels (smartlabbr.org). In his role as federal prosecutor, Luis has created The Observatories of Slave Labor and Human Trafficking, and The Observatory of the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor. In cooperation with the ILO, Luis also leads the Monitora 8.7 platform (monitora87.org) monitoring action plans for the eradication of human trafficking and child labor, with projects in Brazil and in Latin American/Caribbean countries. Luis also teaches at the Federal School for Prosecutors in Brazil.

Jessie Brunner, MA

In her role with the Stanford Human Trafficking Data Lab, Jessie guides the Lab’s strategy and maintains key relationships and connections with the global anti-trafficking community. She also serves as Associated Director of Strategy and Program Development and Director of Human Trafficking Research at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University. Jessie is currently working on several multidisciplinary, community-engaged research projects, including enhancing contract and payment structures to combat forced labor in tuna fisheries and – as co-Principal Investigator of the Re:Structure Lab – investigating how supply chains and business models can be re-imagined to promote equitable labor standards and worker rights. Her work is motivated by the desire to understand how these forms of abuse are linked to systemic inequities, and in turn, how policies can be designed to curb them while promoting fairness and justice.

Mike Baiocchi, PhD

Dr. Mike Baiocchi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health in the Stanford School of Medicine and was previously a Stein Fellow in the Statistics Department here at Stanford. He specializes in creating simple, easy to understand, easy to critique methodologies for causal inference and observational studies. He has led multiple randomized trials of interventions to reduce the rate of sexual assault.

Vicki Ward, MD

Creating digital health education for healthcare providers and community health workers globally. Dr. Ward has worked extensively on the issue of human trafficking, initially as the Program Director and now as Board Chair and interim Executive Director for Made in a Free World, a non-profit supporting care and rehabilitation for survivors of trafficking, and on the Board of Directors for FRDM which provides risk analysis of forced labor in corporate supply chains.

Lizzy Constantz, MPH

Lizzy Constantz serves as the Program Manager for the Stanford Human Trafficking Data Lab. She is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she studied human trafficking and human rights, culminating in a Masters thesis analyzing the correlates of early child marriage in Ethiopia. Prior to her work in public health, Lizzy developed an expertise in translation and clinical research, as well as programs and operations management. As Program Manager, she is eager to use her background and education to advance the lab’s initiatives.

Jonas Junnior

Jonas Junnior is a Computer Scientist from Brazil, specialized in computer vision for remote sensing applications. His research focuses on the presence and impact of roads in the Amazon biome and how AI can help create faster and more up-to-date monitoring systems for environmental preservation. Jonas’s role as Research Data Analyst is to collect, analyze, and present data in a meaningful way to spread real information and awareness on human trafficking and forced labor.

Ben Seiler is a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of Epidemiology and Population Health at the Stanford School of Medicine. He specializes in developing and deploying interpretable, while still effective, statistical learning methods. As part of the Lab, Ben currently works on quantitative approaches to issues of labor trafficking and child labor in Brazil. He holds a PhD in Statistics from Stanford University.

Thay Graciano, MIP

Thay Graciano is a Knight Hennessy Scholar working towards a PhD in communication with a focus on political communication and deliberative democracy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with a focus on political economy and development from Stanford, as well as a master’s degree in international policy from Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute. Prior to her academic pursuits, Thay spent several years in the U.K., actively promoting human rights through Amnesty International’s education team and co-founding Skaped, a charity dedicated to engaging young people with human rights. Originally from Brazil, Thay is particularly passionate about promoting economic development in the region.

Jess Kunke is a PhD student in statistics at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her research focuses on developing statistical methods, particularly survey and spatial methodology, to address sampling and selection bias. Her work is primarily motivated by applications in violence prevention and environmental protection. She is passionate about survivor-informed and survivor-led research.
Matt Wolff is a third-year undergraduate at Stanford University studying Computer Science and History. He takes particular interest in artificial intelligence, cryptography, and modern European history. Matt’s previous experience has consisted of working on the Covert Lab’s whole-cell computational model of E. coli, as well as building an internal cybersecurity management tool for Amazon.

Sofia Penglase

Sofia Penglase will be starting her third year as an undergraduate student at Stanford University, double majoring in Public Policy and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies, with a minor in Human Rights. Sofia is very passionate about human rights and other forms of gender-based violence, particularly with how they intersect with the law. Sofia has experience working with other anti-trafficking organizations, supporting survivors of sex trafficking in Chicago and working with vulnerable youth in Colorado. Outside of her work with the lab, Sofia also works for Stanford´s SHARE Title IX Office advocating for sexual violence prevention and education.

Roxane Somda

Roxane Somda is a recent Stanford graduate in Economics, and she will start her master’s degree in Management Science and Engineering in fall 2023. Her academic focus centers on sustainable development in Africa and finance. Roxane’s professional background includes role as a summer intern with SIEPR and internships at Goldman Sachs in their asset management division and at Hotchkis and Wiley as an equity researcher. These experiences have reinforced her interest in the investment and development realms. Roxane’s current areas of interest span impact venture capital, consulting and research in development economics.

Shakil Ayan

Shakil Ayan is a Predoctoral Research Fellow at the King Center. He is currently exploring the effect of anti corruption audits on labor trafficking reporting and outcomes. In the future, he hopes to pursue a PhD in economics. Previously, he has worked as a research coordinator at BRAC University, Bangladesh, for a large-scale randomized control trial on reducing intimate partner violence through media campaigns. He earned a BA in economics with a minor in finance from McGill University in 2017. Shakil is from Dhaka, Bangladesh”

Ying Jin

Ying Jin is a rising 5th year PhD student at Department of Statistics, Stanford University, advised by Emmanuel Candes and Dominik Rothenhaeusler. Her research focuses on distribution-free inference, predictive inference, causal inference, robustness and replicability. Ying has been collaborating with the Human Trafficking Lab since her first year, where she explores various approaches to building economic and political connections/networks among identities in Brazil to help predict undetected human trafficking activities.

Jared Edgerton, PhD

Dr. Jared Edgerton is a postdoctoral fellow with the Human Trafficking Data Lab. Jared specializes in complex systems modeling, with a focus on creating and applying network science, text analysis, and machine learning methodologies to understand sub- and international conflict processes.

Pablo Querubin

Pablo Querubin is a Professor of Politics and Economics at New York University (NYU). His research focuses on the political economy of development, with an emphasis on understanding the challenges to state-building, and the role of political and economic elites in subverting democracy through the use of violence and clientelism. He has conducted work on internally displaced populations in Colombia and currently works on the causes of child and coerced labor in Brazil as well as strategies to combat these practices. He holds a Ph.D in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2010) and completed his undergraduate and master’s studies at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. He is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and a member of Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP).

Andrew Baker is an assistant professor of law at UC Berkeley School of Law. His primary fields of interest are corporate governance, securities regulation, and the application of empirical methods to legal questions. His work has been published in the Journal of Financial Economics, The Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting, and the Stanford Law Review. Before joining Berkeley Law, Baker was a Research Fellow with the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University.

Maria Clara Rodrigues is a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Yale’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy working for Professors John Eric Humphries and Winnie van Dijk on a series of eviction-related projects. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, she is interested in the ways economic research can inform the design of policies and institutions to improve state capacity, mitigate socioeconomic inequality, and strengthen the rule of law. She obtained a B.A. in Economics with Honors from Stanford University in 2022.